How our Rear Support Wheelchairs Work

Our rear support wheelchairs are designed to reduce some or all of the weight bearing on a dog’s hind legs. Your dog’s back legs can be left down if they’re still mobile with adjustable weight bearing or held up in the rear slings if totally immobile. Let slings come standard with all of our rear support wheelchairs.

Our wheelchairs or carts  have been shown to slow the progression of virtually all spinal diseases. As soon as pets start to show signs of knuckling over on the rear paws or rear limb weakness, it is time to evaluate for our rear support cart which will still allow them full mobility in the rear end, but take most of the weight bearing off of the rear joints and spine which greatly reduces the overall stress on the body. Front support can be added at any time down the road if needed.

Our carts were originally designed for rehabilitation in post surgical care for pets with back, knee, and hip surgery as well as older pets and long term mobility solutions. The height of the cart is set so the rear paws are flat on the ground with the rear legs at full extension. This allows full use of the rear legs while in the cart with minimal weight bearing. The height of the cart can be adjusted gradually as well to add more weight bearing as recovery takes place.

Our carts are the lightest weight on the market and perfectly balanced, so there is no added stress to the front legs or spine. The frame of the cart is designed to hold the back in alignment and prevent any further injury.

Features & Benefits of the Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

  • Custom Made in USA and Ships Same Day*.
  • Guaranteed to Fit.
  • Fully Adjustable in Height, Length, and Width.
  • Lightest Wheelchair Available.
  • Front Support can be added at any time with a Front Support Kit.
  • Adjustable Rear Limb Weight Bearing for Rehabilitation.
  • Relieves Stress and Promotes Decompression of the Spine.
  • Adjustable Support System.
  • Proven Rehabilitation Results.
  • All parts are included with purchase; including leg slings.
  • Unlimited Support and Wheelchair Fitting Advice from our Professional Staff.

Recommended Conditions

Degenerative Myelopathy, Ruptured Disc, Spinal Trauma, IVDD, Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Old Age, Rear Amputees, Post Surgical Rehab for Disc, Knee, and Hip Surgery.

Warranty and Support

Every rear support wheelchair is custom made in the USA for each patient. We’ve perfected the design of our wheelchairs with the knowledge of an experienced staff. In fact, K9 Carts was founded by veterinarians in 1961.

We share that knowledge with our clients all the time. When we take on a new client, we know that we’re starting a relationship with them. A client’s relationship with K9 Carts doesn’t end when the wheelchair ships. We offer ongoing, unlimited support to our clients: You can ask us for help or advice for as long as your dog uses the wheelchair.