We here at K9 Carts are proud to announce that the winner of our 2015 Veterinary Medicine Scholarship is Laura Johnson, a third year student of North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

“Winning the K9 Carts Scholarship means a great deal to me, and not just because the scholarship helps fund my education,” Laura stated. “I have a strong interest in veterinary education, and the scholarship essay contest afforded me the opportunity to explore some of my thoughts about how colleges of veterinary medicine and the U.S. government can collaborate to serve areas of veterinary need while creating a stronger, more diverse profession.”

With her enjoyment of specialty medicine and a love for teaching and working up difficult cases, Laura is leaning towards a focus on academic small animal medicine. As for career-long goals, Laura hopes to develop relationships with veterinary medical schools internationally in order to advance veterinary education in developing countries. Locally, she’d like to educate vet students and practitioners about working with cats, her favorite species. “There are so many pet felines out there, and many cats don’t get the level of veterinary care they deserve simply because there aren’t that many feline-oriented practitioners out there.”

K9 Carts is dedicated to serving mobility-impaired dogs, cats, and other animals worldwide. With this scholarship, we aim to give future veterinarians the resources they need to realize their dreams and fulfill their potential. By supporting veterinarians-in-training now, we ensure that our animals can be well taken care of in the future.

Students enrolled in veterinary medicine or a related field for the 2015-2016 academic year at accredited universities or colleges in the US were eligible to apply.