Pets who have lost one rear limb generally manage to do very well for many years. They basically center their remaining leg under their rear and hop or run along well, However as they get older and that remaining limb gets out of alignment with the added stress of only having one leg to balance on, they will need help.

Will a K9 cart help them? The answer is yes! A K9 Cart will allow your pet to still use its remaining leg, while taking the added stress off the limb. Usually when a pet has a limb amputated, it is taken off high and there is just a stump remaining. A different support system is therefore needed to keep your pet balanced in its cart. We place padding over the ring where the leg is missing. You will probably have to put in extra padding, such as foam or folded up flannel to help prop up the rear so that your pet is balanced and not leaning to one side. Padding may even have to be placed alongside the good leg, as if it leans too much to that side the leg will be at an angle instead of straight down in the ring. We want your pet to be balanced in the cart and in alignment as this will prolong its active life.

There are adjustments that you pet will have to make in the cart, as probably for years they have been going down on their one leg and springing forward. Now with correct support in our dog wheelchair, they have to learn to walk again on all fours with their spine in a level position. When you assemble your K9 Cart, you may have to set the height lower than it will end up being so that your pet can gradually become used to a new way of walking.

We at K9 Carts are always here to help you with advice and help with the fitting of your cart once you receive it.