You’ve probably spent many an evening teasing your kitty with a feathered toy or watching her pounce on a crinkly fabric mouse. Despite the fact that you feed them and provide for their needs, cats are still hunters at heart. And even though they sleep for about 15 hours a day, they love to play. But what happens when they’re no longer able to romp around?

Our feline friends are valued for their adventurous spirit and playful nature, but mobility issues can rob them of their ability to explore and move around. This loss of independence may cause your cat to lose interest in the world around her. She may even grow depressed and begin to refuse food, leaving you faced with a potentially difficult decision. Is there any way to prolong a sick cat’s life in a way that ensures she’s happy?

At K9 Carts, we’re committed to providing high-quality mobility tools and resources that allow pet owners to help their disabled cat or dog. The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be to address your cat’s unique condition and special needs. Let’s talk about what we mean by “quality of life” and how customized pet wheelchairs can improve that quality for your cat.

What is Quality of Life?

The term is tossed around quite a bit in regards to animals, but what does it actually mean? Is it a black-and-white “good” versus “bad” determination? Or is it more of a sliding scale? And how on earth is a pet parent supposed to know exactly how their pets are feeling when they can’t open their mouths to tell us?

Essentially, “quality of life” refers to a creature’s everyday wellbeing and ability to survive. Your cat has a high quality of life if she is well-fed, has no health issues, engages in regular exercise, and receives attention. She’s happy and living life to the fullest! A cat that has a poor quality of life is in continuous pain, suffering from a health issue that is making it difficult for him to function, and having trouble engaging in play, using the bathroom, or eating.

Mobility Issues in Cats that Affect Quality of Life

A wide range of diseases, injuries, and other health conditions can cause mobility loss in cats—that’s one reason that you should always seek veterinary care if your cat is suddenly having trouble moving.

Here are some health issues and diseases that may cause mobility loss in cats:

  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Fractured back
  • Diabetes
  • Ingrown nail
  • Cerebellar hypoplasia
  • Front or rear amputation
  • Disc disease
  • Old age
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

Because these conditions are so varied, so are the available treatments. In some cases, comprehensive treatment can get your cat back in peak physical condition. But in others, your cat may experience permanent mobility loss and other irreversible consequences. An ingrown nail, for example, can be addressed and rectified, allowing your cat to regain her footing and return to her normal routine. Others, like degenerative disc disease, may only worsen.

Regaining Mobility with a Cat Wheelchair

If your cat appears to be unhappy, don’t give up hope. Her poor quality of life may be caused almost exclusively by her inability to move. If that’s the case, restoring her range of motion can also improve her overall quality of life, perking her up and allowing her to thrive despite her health issues.

First, seek input from your vet, who can evaluate your cat’s condition from a medical standpoint. Depending on your kitty’s overall health and current prognosis, she may be a good candidate for a customized cart. A cat wheelchair can get disabled or elderly felines moving again by providing needed support to their weakened limbs. At K9 Carts, we can create a customized cat wheelchair for back legs or for complete support, allowing your feline friend to regain her range of motion, independence, and quality of life.

Each of our cat wheelchairs is built to balance easily on your cat without putting any pressure on his shoulders or front legs. Not only is this lightweight frame ideal for cats with limb weakness, but it’s also an excellent option for post-surgical rehabilitation, older, arthritic cats, and cats who cannot safely receive an operation.

Feline Mobility Aids from K9 Carts

Here at K9 Carts, we’re passionate about pet health. We believe that every animal deserves a high quality of life, and we’ve poured years of veterinary research into our customized pet wheelchairs to help add to that quality.
We’re proud to design, manufacture, and custom fit the only wheelchair designed just for cats on the market today. Along with our high-quality products, we offer unbeatable staff support to ensure that your cat gets the very best fit. If your kitty needs some help getting back on his feet, give us a call today.