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Evaluating your pet’s current mobility condition is the first step in finding the best health care solution. Our professional staff are here to help.

Measuring My Pet

Measuring for a K9 Cart is a simple procedure you can do right at home or through the guidance of your veterinarian.

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Why Choose K9 Carts?

K9 Carts is the only pet mobility company established in the field of Veterinary medicine to give you expert guidance.

Veterinarian Established

Custom Made in USA

Lightest Wheelchair

Fully Adjustable

Convertible Support

What Makes K9 Carts The Leader in Pet Mobility?

What’s New ?

  • New patented slide adjustment system. Infinite adjustment in seconds.

  • Weight is critical. Approximately 1/3 the weight of all competitors wheelchairs.

  • Custom made wheels. Wheels designed and made specifically for the new RX design.

  • Convert support in seconds. Add and remove front support instantly.

  • A new standard in wheelchairs. Every aspect of our new design has been redesigned, streamlined, and optimized for ease of use and functionality.

What do our clients have to say?

Professional products and customer service

Sangha Pattinson-Mosely’s cart arrived and once we adjusted it it looked very good! Please let me know what you think of the photos. Thank you for all the help and the very fast shipping!

Dr. Daly, DVM, SAGE Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care

I want to tell you how satisfied I am with the k9 cart that I purchased for my pug, Sparky .
The cart was easy to assemble , easy to place my dog in and he has adapted it very quickly.
Your service was excellent and I recommend the k 9 cart to others who have a dog with hind leg paresis.

Dr. James Bittle, DVM
small dog white wheelchair

We are thrilled with your product. It is the first time that Samson (15+ yrs. old) can walk around freely without falling and dragging himself!

Bernese mountain dog large wheelchair

She’s taking to the cart REALLY well — exceeding expectations.

She seems quite happy to drag her legs but isn’t using them at all. She’s walking quite comfortably, has maneuvered the cart up onto the grass, and has relieved herself as well. Tomorrow we will try the leg slings. We are thrilled with her progress and wondering why we didn’t do this a month ago!!

Boxer large dog wheelchair for back legs

I just wanted to email you to thank you for your amazing product. Your wheel chair was amazing in giving my dog Sherman an additional 3 months of mobility and life that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. The mobility your chair provided him which allowed him to go on walks which was the happiest part of his day.

Keep on the great work of helping man’s best friend.

Pitt Bull Dog Wheelchair

These are photos of my dog diamond in her new wheelchair she’ll be 12 years old on April 16th she suffers from degenerative myelopathy but with this new wheelchair I think she just got a new lease on life thank you very much for the wheelchair and all you do for animals!

Received the cart yesterday and have gone for two walks with it. Copper just loves it, he’s very happy to go out on walks again and is feeling pretty spry with it. I’m very pleased too. The first cart we tried, from Best Friends, was almost impossible to figure out and we sent it back. They provided little in the way of instructions or support, and it had a much flimsier feel to it. The K9 cart only required adjusting the wheels to the proper height, and goes on and off in seconds. Your instructions are very clear. I appreciate the time you spent helping me order it and you attention to detail.The frame is very solid, and I like the big wheels and the way they splay out.

Thanks for such a great product, and for your excellent support.


Order was placed on March 9, 2020 for our German Shepherd who was paralyzed and could not walk by herself and your cart gave her back her mobility so that she could go on walks, play with other dogs, and engage in Frisbee again and we wanted to thank you and to share a few pictures with you. Thanks so much for giving her back her mobility and reasons to keep going.

Alan Duncan,

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