There’s no doubt that dogs make our lives better. They provide us with companionship, love, and endless laughs. But what happens when our furry friend starts to experience mobility problems? That’s when a small dog wheelchair can come in handy.

If your dog is dealing with an injury or condition that limits his mobility, a small dog wheelchair can help him get around like he used to. At K9 Carts, we manufacture custom-built wheelchairs for dogs of all sizes. So however big or small your pet is, we’ll build a set of wheels for his exact size, weight, and height.

We’ll also provide all the fitting support to help your dog adjust to his new wheelchair.

Custom Built Wheelchairs for Small Dogs

Discover K9 Carts’ Revolutionary, All-New RX Model Dog Wheelchair – Made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum for the Lightest Ride in the Country.

  • America’s lightest small dog wheelchair grants extra comfort and mobility while reducing physical stress on your pooch – it’s easy to carry, too.
  • Custom-made frames and support add-on kits make it easy to build a dog wheelchair personalized to your dog’s frame and unique physical challenges.
  • Easy to assemble, use, and fit, the RX model is designed to improve your dog’s quality of life without adding new complications to yours.
  • Fully convertible from Rear Support to Full Support and vice versa, providing adjustable mobility support for different environments & situations.
  • Designed and approved by United States Veterinarians since 1961 – discover the dog wheelchair that professionals recommend.
  • Made in the USA and guaranteed to fit with a 1-year warranty, our team is here to help you make a decision that gets your pup’s tail wagging for walkies.

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