What a wonderful Story to receive on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to all!

“Just wanted to write and say thanks for making a great product. The service your company provides brings joy to owner and pet. Jake’s cart was given to me by a friend, whose mother had been given it by a friend who’s cat used it until its death, and after they were told of Jake they gladly passed it on.

Jake was 3 years old when he left the yard and was missing for 3 days. He drug himself home and was laying in the pine straw under the stairs when I found him. He had apparently been hit by a car and even after surgery was paralyzed in his back end and had little use of his rear limbs. At 6 years of age he received the wheels and it wasn’t a moment too soon as he lost all muscle sensation and use of his rear limbs and up until that point had been able to scurry in leg wrap boots. He is now approaching 14 and loves his cart. It is a well designed product and the adjustable aspects of the device allowed me to tailor a perfect fit.

He is 12 lbs, the same size of the cat who used it before him. It couldn’t have been more perfect and has remained durable for his daily backyard ramblings and exercise. It has allowed him to be a free dog for the greater part of his life now. When his time as a dog comes to an end I will donate it to his Vet so another animal can enjoy mobility again. Attached are photos of Jake the Snake getting his “Roll On”. Please feel free to use the pictures on your website and advertising. Thanks again, great products,

Josh Barksdale and Jake

Kennesaw, GA

P.S. That is Jake’s six toed feline friend Smokey (17 yrs old) They’ve been together all their lives. I have some interesting animal friends. They’re both passed out on the bed as I’m typing this. Again, Thanks so much.”