The second most common pet requiring help with mobility are cats. Cats normally do very well in carts and are equally in need of support as dogs for a various mobility impairments. One of the most common questions we get daily is in reference to our cat wheelchairs.

One of the most amazing cats in a cart was named Scooter, who was adopted after being found lying by the side of the road after being run over and abandoned. He was taken in by Laura, a wonderful lady who gave her a home for 16 years. When Scooter first got her cart I would receive videos of her playing in the snow, chasing the other cats around her home batting toilet paper along the floor and just being playful. I even received a video of her trying to catch mice in her cart. The mouse would outsmart her by running between her front legs and out the back of the cart- but not always!

I have a beautiful photo of her up on our waiting room wall plowing through the snow in the woods. Nothing stopped Scooter. I particularly loved the photo Laura sent of her peering in a huge flowerpot – no doubt looking for mice! Over the years we have many success stories with cats, but Scooter will always remain one of my favorites. She was so very lucky that Laura came along, picked her up and despite her paralysis gave her such a wonderful home filled with love and happiness.