Unfortunately many owners and veterinarians believe that if they put a pet in a wheelchair, it will become dependent on the wheelchair and will lose its present mobility and desire to try and walk, when actually we have found the reverse is true.

Dog in grass in Dog Wheelchair

Over our 50 years of providing aid to mobility impaired pets, we have found that if a pet has the ability to recover while using a wheelchair, the wheelchair will promote that recovery. When a pet is fitted to an orthopedically designed and balanced K9 cart, your pet will exercise more. The K9 Cart takes the stress not only off the rear legs, but also the spine and front legs, allowing your pet to use their legs for a longer period of time.

Very often, a pet will lose use of one rear leg faster than the other. In that case, it is important to leave both paws down on the ground, to keep the pet balanced in the wheelchair. You will need to purchase a protective boot for the paw that needs help. An added benefit is that it helps them mentally for like us pets become depressed when they cannot go for walks either on their own or with the other canine members of the family or chase balls or go back to doing all the things they love to do.