Our dog wheelchair is fully convertible. Therefore, if your pet needs more or less support, parts can be added or subtracted to make sure it is the correct support system that your pet needs at its particular stage of mobility loss.

Lab on Beach in Dog Wheelchair

The basic standard two wheel cart is for the pet that has lost, or is losing, its ability to walk with the rear legs, but is still strong in the front legs. This orthopedically designed cart gives total support to the rear, keeping the spine and body in alignment, while taking stress off the front legs.

This K9 cart may be used either with the legs up and protected in padded slings, or with the legs down on the ground enabling the pet to walk on its paw or paws.  If your pet is able to walk with one hind leg only, then we suggest covering the paw that is not functional with a protective boot.

Strength in the front legs is important for the standard 2 wheeled cart. A pet dragging itself around is not an indication of forelimb strength as a pet will drag itself from A to B just to get there. Unfortunately, dragging itself around is weakening causes the front legs to weaken, and places strain on its body. The longer it goes without mobility help, the weaker your pet will become in the front legs, at which point they may not be able physically to handle the standard two wheeled dog wheelchair.

We suggest making up a handheld sling to test the front leg strength. Take an old towel or piece of material, cut two holes in it for the rear legs to go down through, and then holding the ends of the towel and keeping the back level make sure that your pet is able to walk well on the front legs.

If you have any doubt at all, or need questions answered, please call us and we will advise as to whether this design cart is suitable for your pet.