Doggie Wheelchair Success Stories: Sammi

Last Updated Apr 25, 2019
Here at K9 Carts, we like to measure our success in happy pets. We’ve been helping special needs animals regain quality of life since 1961, and we’re not slowing down any time soon! Our custom wheelchairs for dogs and other pets get furry and feathery friends moving again, providing an increased range of motion to animals experiencing limb weakness, paralysis, and other conditions that affect their ability to move. We talk a lot about breed-specific health problems and diseases like degenerative myelopathy—after all, these are the issues that our dog wheelchairs address—but these medical conditions can make the world of canine health seem like a gloomy place. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Exciting advancements in medicine and our very own personalized carts are paving the way for happier, healthier pets the world over. Today, we’re highlighting one of those success stories. Sammi the Shih Tzu Meet Sammi, a 15-year-old Shih Tzu weighing just 7.6 pounds. His pet parents, Raymond and Nancy Crampton, said he’s always been friendly, playful, and active. But when he was diagnosed with a curved spine, his back legs became very weak, and he began to get around by using just his front legs to move himself. Though he loves to go for walks, Sammi’s condition made it impossible for him to enjoy the outdoors, and he went months without being able to frolic and romp around. Eventually, his back half dragged on the ground behind him wherever he went. Animals losing the use of their back legs tend to “crawl” around by using their front limbs, but this way of moving risks injuring a dog’s spine and back paws. A mobility aid seemed like Sammi’s best bet. Sammi’s veterinarian told the Cramptons about his own dog, who suffered from the same problem as the little Shih Tzu. The vet had found a solution in the form of K9 Carts, which provided a customized dog wheelchair for back legs that enabled his pup to regain some range of motion. The Cramptons were impressed by the vet’s demonstration of the cart and reached out to us. They were connected to our customer support, and our design experts got started building Sammi’s new wheels soon after! Because no two dogs are alike, we make sure to customize each of our dog wheelchairs for the best possible fit. We offer both rear and full-support carts to address a variety of conditions that affect mobility, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. In Sammi’s case, his front legs were still strong—he just needed some rear support to help him get back on his feet! And because we begin designing and building a customized cart the same day we receive an order, he got it sooner rather than later. Getting Sammi Moving with a Customized Dog Wheelchair
Some dogs need time to adjust to their new wheelchair, but not Sammi. “He loved it,” said his owners. “Within seconds of putting him in the cart, he was off riding around the house.” And even better—the Shih Tzu is once again able to enjoy walks! He’s now back to his friendly self, saying hello to everyone he meets. “He is so happy to have his new ride to get him moving again,” said the Cramptons. Sammi is loving his newly regained independence, and his pet parents appreciate not having to carry him around everywhere. The little dog is learning to navigate life on wheels with confidence and is now able to get down off of curbs and turn corners in his cart without help. Sammi’s owners take his cart with them everywhere they go, whether they’re visiting a park, going for a walk, seeing friends, or just traveling. They’re pleased with its sturdy construction, light weight, and smooth roll, and count themselves lucky to have found K9 Carts right when Sammi needed help. Improving Quality of Life with Pet Wheelchairs Sammi’s story is just one of tens of thousands—that’s right, we’ve helped that many animals get moving again! But happy pets and pleased customers aren’t just feathers in our cap. Really, they’re evidence that we’re making a difference in the care of animals, helping special needs pets and the owners who love them enjoy more quality time together. Not every pet is a good candidate for a cart, so take some time to consult your vet and evaluate your pet on your own to determine whether he or she might benefit from a pet wheelchair. We’re also happy to help you determine what kind of mobility aid your pet needs. If you have a paralyzed dog or a cat with weak limbs, contact us today to find out more about how our custom made carts can get your pet up and moving again. We can’t wait to help you make your animal companion’s day!


Glenn Parkes

Glenn, our General Manager at K9 Carts, brings over two decades of experience in mobility solutions for pets. With his expertise and passion for improving the lives of our furry companions, Glenn ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.