K9 Carts 2018 Annual Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Winner

Last Updated Feb 13, 2019
K9 Carts 2018 Scholarship Winner Michaela

Since the mid-1970s, K9 Carts has been serving mobility impaired pets and their owners. We have been looking to inspire the next generation of animal lovers by sponsoring a micro-scholarship for students entering the field of Veterinary Medicine.

We are proud to announce the winner of our 2018 Annual Veterinary Medicine Scholarship, Michaela Von Schenk. Below is her winning essay on Human Psychology in a Veterinary Practice. She believes in the importance of understanding human psychology that should be exhibited in veterinary medicine, like any other career, to give customers a sense of comfort and trust.

The winning highlights in her essay:

“Human psychology can contribute to a more successful veterinary practice. I would measure a successful facility by an upbeat environment, a knowledgeable yet amiable team, and a compassionate drive behind all approaches. These three contributions can inarguably lead to a more satisfied clientele.”

“When I am a veterinarian, I vow to never dismiss the value of a satisfied, content client base. Implementing this knowledge of human psychology to dilute tension will irrevocably lead to happier clients, happier pets, and a healthier veterinary workforce.”

Congratulations Michaela Von Schenk on your moving essay!


Glenn Parkes

Glenn, our General Manager at K9 Carts, brings over two decades of experience in mobility solutions for pets. With his expertise and passion for improving the lives of our furry companions, Glenn ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.