K9 Carts Awards Veterinary Scholarship 2016

Last Updated Oct 24, 2016
Woman Veterinarian
K9 Carts is proud to announce the winner of our 2016 Annual Veterinary Medicine Scholarship is Lia McCoy of Colorado State University.
"I am honored to have the 2016 K9 Carts Scholarship Award," Lia said.
"As a pre-veterinary student with a love for animals, this award will allow me to further my education in bettering animals and the research that follows."
She considers the K9 Carts wheelchair a breakthrough for disabled dogs and hopes that, with the aid of the scholarship, that she can find a breakthrough just as beneficial.
Lia's essay discussed the legal and regulatory obstacles that telemedicine faces in the veterinary industry. While having incredible benefits, particularly in rural areas where the number of vets and specialist vets may be limited, telemedicine runs into problems of licensing and state boundries along with the fact that in-person observation of animals is crucial for proper diagnoses. Lia sees telemedicine as important to the future of veterinary medicine and suspects it will be incorporated into curriculum studies on a regular basis.
A third-year pre-veterniary biological sciences major, Lia plans to focus her studies on horses. "Along with general veterinary care, I hope to find amore efficient cure for equine arthritis as it is one of the most comon joint-debilitating diseases in horses." One avenue of study that could possibly yield a cure is stem-cell therapy research, which Lia expressed interest in pursuing.
K9 Carts is dedicated to serving mobility-impaired dogs, cats, and other animals worldwide. With this scholarship, we aim to give future veterinarians the resources they need to realize their dreams and fulfill their potential. By supporting veterinarians-in-training now, such as Lia, we ensure that our animals can be well taken care of in the future. Once again, congratulations, Lia!
Students enrolled in veterinary medicine or a related field for the 2016-2017 academic year at accredited universities or colleges in the US were eligible to apply.


Glenn Parkes

Glenn, our General Manager at K9 Carts, brings over two decades of experience in mobility solutions for pets. With his expertise and passion for improving the lives of our furry companions, Glenn ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.