The most common question we’re asked is, “Will my pet be able to go to the bathroom in the cart?” The answer is…

Basset in Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts

Yes! Dogs are able to eliminate when in their K9 Cart dog wheel chair. They do not squat, but tend to spread their legs and urine and feces will fall onto the ground missing the supportive frame of the wheelchair. Indoor cats of course will be unable to get into their litter boxes, so we suggest laying some plastic on the floor and covering it with kitty litter, so the cat can roll over to it and void on the litter.


For those pets that need to have their bladder expressed, it is easier to do that when they are upright in their wheelchair.

For small pets that use their K9 Cart in the house and are able to be in their cart for a long period of time, we do have an attachment designed by K9 Carts that can be put on the back of the cart called a Catch-It-All. The Catch-It-All will catch feces and urine in the case of a cat or female dog, and feces only for male dogs. For male dogs, we have male dog wraps for the urine. For urine absorption, sanitary pads will have to be placed in the Catch-It-All. The Catch-It-All is especially helpful for cats and rabbits.