Custom made in the USA just for your cat. The cat wheelchair is designed and tested specifically for cats by K9 Carts; a company founded with a veterinary background since 1961. The Cat Wheelchair by K9 Carts is the only wheelchair design specifically for cats on the market today and the only wheelchair to offer the support our clients have come to appreciate by our experienced staff.

K9 Carts Cat & Dog Wheelchair Benefits Include

Cats in need of this wheelchair have some or complete weakness in the rear legs or weakness in both the rear and the front legs while using the towel test as well as the desire to be active. This wheelchair can be ordered as just a rear support or a full support during the checkout process. The Cat Wheelchair removes some or all of the weight bearing on the hind legs as well as the front legs while allowing complete mobility. The rear legs can be left down for cats still mobile in the rear or the legs can be held up with the legs slings. Every wheelchair comes standard with leg slings to hold the back legs up if needed. This Wheelchair balances perfectly on your cat and will not put any pressure on the shoulders or front legs.

The Cat Wheelchair is excellent for post-surgical rehabilitation, older arthritic cats or any pets experiencing both rear and front limb weakness. This wheelchair is also an excellent alternative for cats when surgery is not an option as well.