Please read the sections below in regard to the basic adjustment of your K9 Cart. We also ask that every client please send in photos and/or a short video clip of your dog in the cart once you have the cart adjusted to the best of your ability for our qualified staff to review.

Wheelchair Width Adjustment

The width of the cart should be set so you can slide your fingers easily between your pet’s hips and the black blocks of the frame to allow a comfortable gap between your pet and the cart. If the cart is too narrow, please widen the cart by adjusting the back bar and then lengthen out the leg rings a little. This is done by loosening the top front set screw on the blocks, and pulling the cable through a little on both sides, to keep the support system at the same angle as before the width alteration.

Wheelchair Length Adjustment

The length of the cart is set using the side bars (square tubes with the straps). The side bars need to be set so the front straps are just behind the front legs. The longer straps goes under the chest and the shorter strap goes over the shoulders. The side bars should be out as far forward as possible while keeping the straps comfortable behind the front legs. Please ensure the straps are not tight up against the front legs. Please see the next section for balancing the straps and cart in general.

Please put your fingers under the top strap of the cart on the side bars (square tubes), and ensure there is no pressure under the top strap. If you feel any pressure or tightness, you will need to loosen up on the bottom strap and tighten the top strap. Keep doing this until you can feel the pressure alleviated from the top strap.

The straps should never be tight and are just there to balance the front of the cart. When the cart is properly balanced, there should be no pressure under the top strap and the bottom strap should fit like a loose belt. The side bars should be parallel to the ground when finished.

Wheelchair Height Adjustment

The height of the cart needs to be set so when your pet’s legs are fully extended down; the paws are flat on the ground. This will set your pet into a natural standing
position while in the cart. The support system will then allow your pet to use both back legs normally while removing the weight bearing from the rear joints. (Please also note that even if your dog has no use of the back legs the height is set as mentioned above and the leg slings are used to hold the rear paws off of the

A good test for proper height on the cart is to lift the rear wheels off of the ground and if the rear paws are still flat on the ground the cart is too low with the wheels
up in the air. We want the rear paws to lift off of the ground just after the rear wheels lift off. This shows that the rear paws are flat on the ground with the rear
legs fully extended straight down. We want full use of the rear legs with the paws comfortably on the ground with the cart holding up most all of the body weight.

Leg Sling Usage

The leg slings need to go from the back bar straight down through the back of the leg ring hoop, around the leg just above the hock and then back up though the ring; attaching to the back bar. The rear legs will be pulled straight up in alignment with the hips rather than out towards the back of the cart which prevents pressure in the groin.

Downloadable Instructions