For the past fifty years, K9 Carts has been granting the gift of mobility to pets everywhere. That success comes from knowing that we have created thousands of happy customers with thousands of even happier pets. Here’s just a sampling of the many wonderful “Happy Tails” we receive from people about how their lives have changed for the better thanks to a K9 Carts Dog Wheelchair.

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Courtney Culbertson DVM + Helen

Thank YOU!!! This dog has a new lease on life. I don’t know how we ever survived without her cart!!

Helen and her K9 Cart


Hello! I rented a rear support wheelchair for my miniature dachshund about two weeks ago and I wanted to inform you that I wanted to rent for another two weeks. She absolutely loves it since she can finally go out on walks with her mother and sister again and I couldn’t be more grateful to you guys for giving her that chance.

Thank you again, Brianna!

Chubby in his K9 Cart


About thirteen years ago, she was born with crippled back legs.  I found her on a busy highway when she was about 3 months old. In her later years she could not walk much at all.  Then, I got her the  “Blue Boy Toy”!  Her wheelchair. She loved her wheelchair. When it came in the mail, I sat the  box down on the bed with her. I put her on the bed even tho she wasn’t allowed there! She was like a kid at Christmas! We opened the box and  we watched the video together. I gave the wheelchair a name.The Blue Boy Toy! All these things made her feel like it was special! Just for her. Her Blue Boy Toy.
It didn’t take long for Lucy to get used to it. Just a few days and she was rolling along! I enclosed a video for you to see on another email. Sadly, Lucy Crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago, but before she did. ..she got to go fast fast fast!!! Thank you so much for that, It means the world to me.
Lucy in her wheelchair


He is completely comfortable in his cart now – and the transformation in his personality because he feels more like a “dog” is amazing. He plays now with all of the dogs and they are beginning to play back with him – treating him like he is part of the pack. We have gotten a few inquiries about where we got his cart and we are referring all to K9 Carts.

Every day he gets more comfortable. He does take spills in his cart but he is never hurt. He is just a playful puppy and sometimes he thinks he can jump up on something and he falls back on his wheels. He keeps smiling and I go right him up. Sometimes he goes sideways because he plays too rough. Again – he doesn’t get hurt – we just right him up.

But we don’t leave him in his cart unsupervised. I can turn my back and work on my computer or do things while he plays and I’ve gotten to know the sounds of his wheels as he wanders around or the sound of his cart going sideways.

But he is better in his cart now than without it and he knows it. I think he has forgotten that it is a cart and not his real back legs.

Anyway – thanks so much for all of your help with this cart and with him. It has made all the difference in the world and he is going to be an almost “normal” dog now!



I purchased a cart from you In January 2016 for my 14 year old lab/shepard mix, Buddy. Buddy suffered from degenerative myelopathy and had lost most of the use of his rear legs. He took to the cart immediately, and off we went. Since then, Buddy logged countless hours enjoying being a dog again, off-roading in the field next to our house, even ing digging for, and getting gophers (see attached picture). He enjoyed 11 nights of camping in the mountains this summer.
Prior to getting the cart, Buddy was very depressed and would rarely come out of his house. I had even called a vet to make an appointment to have him put down, but then I discovered the cart. It totally changed his life, and mine.
Buddy passed away on Thursday, 10/7/16 with me next to him. He had gotten to the point where he could no longer move himself around, so his cart time was his only escape from being trapped by his failing body. Even just the night before, he had taken a great walk in the field, exploring, sniffing, and just doing dog “stuff.”
I cannot express how much the extra, quality time we had together meant to both of us. I don’t think another dog has ever used one of your carts the way that Buddy did.
Thank you.

Buddy in his K9 Cart