K9 Carts Veterinary Referral Program

Designed specifically for Veterinary Clinics and Rehab Specialists.

K9 Carts Veterinary Referral Program

Step 1: Join our Vet Referral Program by entering your clinic information.

Step 2: Enter your client and pet information from evaluation. Your client will benefit from a 10% reduced pricing going through your clinic.

Step 3: We contact your client and obtain billing information and answer any questions. Product is shipped to your clinic.

Step 4: Fitting is handled by you at the next appointment with full support from our K9 Carts fitting team.

Step 5:  Cash the check we send you for 10% of the amount of the sale.

The K9 Carts support team is always available to evaluate cases as needed and offer fitting support.  

Want more information? Call us at 800-578-6960 or email us at info@k9carts.com

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