20 08, 2019

How to Tell If Your Paralyzed Dog is Happy

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Caring for a sick canine can be incredibly emotionally painful, particularly when that sickness seems to impact the dog’s quality of life. How can you tell whether or not a dog is really happy? At K9 Carts, we’ve made it our mission to help pets struggling with mobility issues. Paralysis is one such issue that can drastically affect a pet’s daily activities. Some pet parents view paralysis as a tipping of the scales, a point at which their dog can no longer enjoy life. But that isn’t necessarily true. So, what is the truth? Can a paralyzed dog live a happy life? [...]

13 06, 2019

Giving Your Kitty a New Lease on Life with a Cat Wheelchair

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You’ve probably spent many an evening teasing your kitty with a feathered toy or watching her pounce on a crinkly fabric mouse. Despite the fact that you feed them and provide for their needs, cats are still hunters at heart. And even though they sleep for about 15 hours a day, they love to play. But what happens when they’re no longer able to romp around? Our feline friends are valued for their adventurous spirit and playful nature, but mobility issues can rob them of their ability to explore and move around. This loss of independence may cause your cat [...]

25 01, 2018

How Do Other Pets Get Along with Dogs in Wheelchairs?

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So your dog needs a wheelchair, but you have other pets. You might be worried that your other companions will act strangely around the dog with the disability, or get outright hostile. Don’t worry: that’s not very likely. We frequently build wheelchairs for dogs who have a pack—and the packs’ humans have told us that all the other animals get along fine. […]

5 12, 2016

Which Dog Wheelchair Design Should I Choose?

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Our dog wheelchair is fully convertible. Therefore, if your pet needs more or less support, parts can be added or subtracted to make sure it is the correct support system that your pet needs at its particular stage of mobility loss. […]

4 06, 2016

Will My Pet Become Dependent on a Wheelchair?

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Unfortunately many owners and veterinarians believe that if they put a pet in a wheelchair, it will become dependent on the wheelchair and will lose its present mobility and desire to try and walk, when actually we have found the reverse is true. […]

30 11, 2014

What is K9 Happiness?

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My definition would be a dog doing what it loves to do, going for walks on the beach or in the woods, splashing in streams, chasing the mailman or sniffing any dogs it meets, guarding the house, following its owner around in the house hoping for a tidbit to drop or a pat on the head or acknowledgement that you know they are there. In other words letting you know that they are very important and are part of the family! […]

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